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By Nadja Atwal
In for the long haul or just a quick trip? Here is how to prepare …

I guess we can already predict the words of the year for 2020: “Corona” and “Lockdown” will be in the top 5 for sure, no matter what happens next.

Are you counting down the days until you fly to somewhere near or far (wherever they let you in without quarantine) or take that train to “anywhere but home”? Of course we love our own city, but too much of a good thing is also in the “too much “ category. While booking our trips most of us experience that new mix of positive excitement and volatile fear of the unknown.
As a result we roam the net in search of gadgets and tools to keep us safer (from the virus). “People are looking very much for things like the perfect mask and sanitizers and that is all useful, but strengthening your immune system is also a vital key to staying healthy,” says medical doctor Stefanie Seyda who has been researching and working on immune supporting formulas.
If you read about beneficial supplements on that front, Vitamin C and Zinc have been touted as must haves and must takes . Am I overlooking something? “ Indeed,” says Seyda “Vitamin D, folate and vitamin A and vitamin B6 and B12 have shown clear immune boosting effects in recent studies.” If you are looking for that new discovery that is being (rightfully)  hyped as a great inner shield against the virus, Seyda refers to the recent studies on resveratrol. Yes, that resveratrol that has been already touted as a great anti-aging agent which is being found in grapes and even red wine? “ Yes,” says Seyda, “but please, don’t let this knowledge lead you to the next wine bar now or fill your cellar with red wine. Alcohol intake is lowering your immune response. So stick to a good supplement for real benefits of Resveratrol”.

Now as for new must have travel items: if you book a flight or train ride, you think about face masks. Especially for longer flights make sure it is not just protecting you but very breathable, as you may face many hours of wearing it. For a reusable option with a Vogue-ish fashion statement, check out En Avance, the multi-brand concept store showcasing global designers came to the Miami Design District in 2006 and has taken it by storm.

Also remember that the virus can enter through the eyes and sadly too often does in places that many people share. So no matter what mask you choose, it should be worn with either a face shield or protective glasses that also protect the corner of your eyes – no just the front. For ladies the My Face Shield by Miami based fashion label Touchdolls is a great option and has a more colorful version for kids.

When you board a plane, have the sanitizing wipes ready to give your arm rests and the tray ! A good disinfecting wipe down, unless you carry a tray cover like Airplane Pockets (which won the NTA ’s ” best travel accessory of the year award” 2019)

A must have is a disposable seat cover like the disposable ones from Seet Cuvers are a steady companion in frequent flyer travel bags now. If you’d rather choose a reusable product, opt for the washable (and truly gorgeous) ones by NiceSeats

Wherever this summer will take you, staying healthy and happy requires: staying safe.

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