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VIP’s Around The World Share Their Zoom Call Drinks

By Editor In Chief, Nadja Atwal
It’s usually the most wonderful time of the year, but 2020 we have to make  some effort to get into the right mood. It is a zoom-intense scenario … people do their virtual business calls, the virtual holiday parties, virtual dates and make plans for virtual New Years Eve events. In order to not feel Zoom-ed out, pairing your call with the right drink can make all the difference to the experience. We asked several VIPs from around the world about their favorite drinks for their Zoom calls and discovered some very interesting new drinks and familiar ones with a twist. 

Current World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mahmoud (Manuel)  Charr introduced our staff to something that I found to be both unique and delicious : Moloko   ”I am getting ready to defend my title early 2021, so I got to be really disciplined on the diet front” he tells us. ” Moloko is already a big hit in Europe. Very refreshing, with wonderful ingredients and low calories. It was invented by Dr. Gerd Müller a famous inventor in the health and lifestyle sector. So even before I tried it I suspected it must be good. And look, you can only drink so much water without being bored out of your mind. I can not have all the sugar that comes with all natural juices. So during training or during my virtual meetings, you’ll often catch me sipping a can of Moloko. It also can be mixed into all kinds of amazing cocktails. “Yes, we gotta admit that Moloko stuff gets along very well with Gin, Prosecco and especially Vodka! Of course us health focused Miami people especially appreciate that you can get it sugar free as well and that it has nothing artificial in it but lots of healthy and yummy ingredients. The Moloko Cranberry with those subtle cherry blossom and ginger notes is my personal favorite. 
TV  star and skincare mogul Lea Black created her own drink “ It is actually called Leatini ! ” Now that  sounds like something sexy in a glass!  “You mix 3oz Gin with 1/4 Monk fruit juice. Pour ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes. Shake and then strain over ice. Serve it in a mug with some twisted lemon on top. I use my Ruth Bader Ginsburg mug as you see. “ Well, I tried it, I loved it and was ready for cat nap afterwards.
Polish -American Supermodel Joanna Krupa loves a good latte or her Polish coffee extract from grains, called Inka! “But after hours I still like a nice glass of Prosecco to go with my friends and family zoom chats,” she tells us. We are with her! 
Greetings from Paraguay. Their top TV star “Libres Para Elegir)” and finance wizard Carsten Pfau is practicing as he preaches: “During  the show it’s fresh pressed orange juice from my own fields for every guest and panelist on our show,“ he gushes. And after the show? “Then you can turn it into a delicious mimosa – but only with real  champagne of course!
European star actress Alexandra Kamp is sending us greetings from Berlin with her favorite mug and a very intriguing recipe: An Italian hot coffee cocktail. Strega is a popular Italian digestif made from a proprietary blend of 70 herbs and spices. It is also not as “witch liqueur .”This goes very well with a nice cup of dark roasted coffee for that perfect Post dinner cup of coffee when you are skyping or zoom-calling with your loved ones or for a virtual girls night. 
New York philanthropist Masha Pearl likes Martinis with the something of the something best “ Lychee or apple martinis are my choice of drink for Zoom cocktails.” 
My own contribution is something familiar and something I view as pretty unique. I don’t have a sweet but rather a sour tooth  and as a result I enjoy lots of grapefruit juice. During my business calls, I mix it 50: 50 with sparkling water. Preferably Perrier. For my “virtual drinks” occasions or my upcoming  virtual Christmas dinner with my mother, I ll mix 1/4  grapefruit juice with  3/4 pinot Grigio wine. I simply came up with it out of the blue and then was surprised to see this one day this year as a ready mix in my wine store around the corner. I guess someone suddenly had the same idea and simply turned it into a business. I still prefer the self-made mix though and with lots of pulp in it for me, please. Try it! Cheers, Happy Hollidays and Happy New year! Yours, Nadja Atwal
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