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KIND Bars: The Perfect Combination of a Tasty & Healthy Snack

By Justina Coronel
Photography Courtesy of KIND

What if you could indulge in something so delicious and tasty and yet is so healthy for your body? Who wouldn’t want something as amazing as this? Well, KIND bars have over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains with multiple recipes that are perfected just for you.

3 Bar Fan_Blue group copy

The KIND brand believes that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients that are entering your body then those products shouldn’t be going in. That’s why the ingredients are made of whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains, which contain essential nutrients for your body, such as fiber, protein, and antioxidants. The KIND Fruit & Nut bars are just as simple as whole nuts and fruit bound in honey, but yet keep your taste buds craving for more. If you need a little more kick in your life, the KIND Nuts & Spices bars have the highest quality whole nuts with naturally delicious spices such as cinnamon and chili pepper bound in honey. If these weren’t intriguing enough, these bars have 5 grams of sugar or less and are gluten-free and non-GMO. The perfect tasty and healthy combination is worth a celebration!

What really should be celebrated is that KIND bars support one cause each month with $10,000! Anyone can vote and choose which organization should be supported for that month, causing everyone to be involved and awarded. KIND bars are not only so yummy and kind to each body but the company is truly supportive and kind to everybody.

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